About Us

Welcome to Dolly Dimples Clothing. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

I started Dolly Dimples Clothing in 2012 on a small market stall in Bedworth close to Coventry in the West Midlands. Wanting to showcase beautiful children's wear at affordable prices on a broader scale decided the way forward is on-line and being fortunate enough to have a son who is an IT expert have been able to bring Dolly Dimples Clothing to you.

I searched for products that I myself would buy for my own grandchildren, good quality, natural fabrics and easy to care for. In my search I found Powell Craft. A family run company for over 50 years based in Cornwall. Inspired by their vintage styling and storytelling such as the Circus range with crochet elephant detailing and bunting all bright and fun as you would find at the circus. There is the lovely Enchanted Forrest range with beautiful detailing of flowers, insects and toadstools set on a pretty pink background. The pretty girl’s dresses and little boys beautifully designed cotton dungarees that make children look like children, I knew these were the products I wanted to promote and sell and so here they are at Dolly Dimples Clothing.

In addition to Powell Craft I felt the need to bring even more fabulous, uniquely designed clothing for your little ones.  I discovered Hatley with their fabulous, well designed, bright and fun raincoats, pyjamas and much more. Blade and Rose, bright, fun and funky leggings including a great range for boys, and now Lilly and Sid, beautifully designed, gorgeous styling all with beautiful fabrics. All these designs are very unique, look great and at affordable prices.  There is something for everyone amongst the collections that I have personally selected for you the customer at Dolly Dimples Clothing.  

I am always on the look out to find children’s wear designers that I am sure you will also love, so please keep a close eye on what’s new at Dolly Dimples Clothing. 
We hope you find something you like and your feedback would be very welcome.


Contact: sales@dollydimplesclothing.com